Software Analyst / Project Manager

თარიღები: 27 აპრ - 25 მაის
მდებარეობა: თბილისი
დასაქმების ფორმა: სრული განაკვეთი
განათლება: მაგისტრი
გამოცდილება: 2 - 3 წლამდე
ენები: ინგლისური რუსული
ელ. ფოსტა:
ინფორმაციული ტექნოლოგიები:  ანალიტიკოსი IT პროექტების მენეჯმენტი სისტემების ინტეგრაცია

Software Analyst / Project Manager


The Software Analyst main role and responsibilities are to convert the Business Model into Technical requirements and specifications. Design the UML diagrams, establish a Project Plan and follow the development on a daily basis.


The objective is to ensure that software functionalities, interactivity and quality are in line with the business requirements, and of course meet user’s expectations.



  • Acquire a good understanding of the business model and commercial requirements;
  • Understand users’ needs, requirements and expectations;
  • Perform market research to define the future direction of the service portfolio;
  • Perform an in-depth business analysis and compile a comprehensive solution;
  • Perform complex analysis, designing and programming to meet business requirements.
  • Create simple and intuitive process flow and develop service features and functionality;
  • Define and establish the technical requirements and specifications;
  • Develop and design the UML diagrams for various uses;
  • Establish a Project Plan and communicate priorities to internal stakeholders;
  • Establish Quality Assurance requirements and enforce quality control;
  • Review and control testing procedures and documentation.
  • Ensure that all features and functionalities are properly integrated and tested;
  • Follow the DevOps practice and provide recommendations for DevOps improvements;
  • Resolve complex issues relating to business requirements and objectives;
  • Stay current with development technologies and practices;


Required Skills

  • Strong (English) verbal and written communication skills;
  • Strong knowledge of Business models and writing technical requirements & specifications;
  • Strong knowledge of microservices and online services;
  • Strong knowledge of UML Design and Modeling;
  • Strong knowledge of Software Quality Assurance;
  • Strong Knowledge of Project Management;
  • Good knowledge of programming languages like C++, Golang and Java;
  • Good knowledge of Angular 5, HTML 5 and CSS (Web Interface);
  • Good knowledge of Back End systems, especially container technology;
  • Good knowledge of database architecture & Designs;
  • Good understanding of DevOps principals and application;
  • Maintaining confidentiality and upholding company values are key attributes;



Preferred skills

  • Strong knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microservices;
  • Strong knowledge in DevOps approach, culture and practices;
  • Strong team leader and excellent Project Manager;
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills;




  • Bachelor's degree (BSc), or Masters’ (MSc) degree in computer science;
  • Master Degree in Business Administration MBA would be a plus
  • Strong organizational and management skills;
  • Preferably 2+ years of experience, in applications development (not programming);
  • Excellent Quality Assurance and Project Manager;
  • English is a must, additional languages would be considered;




You are talented, motivated, creative and passionate? You are interested to join an ambitious company, with a start-up mind-set and part of a big international company, where you will be able to bring your experience, knowledge or skills to another level, kindly submit your CV (preferably with a picture), to


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17 მაის - 15 ივნ

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