Finance Manager

თარიღები: 07 ივნ - 30 ივნ
მდებარეობა: თბილისი
დასაქმების ფორმა: სრული განაკვეთი
მივლინება: დიახ
ხელფასი: 3000 - 4000
განათლება: მაგისტრი
გამოცდილება: 3 - 5 წლამდე
ენები: ქართული ინგლისური რუსული
ელ. ფოსტა:
ბუღალტერია/ფინანსები:  ფინანსური მენეჯერი

Globalink Logistics Announces vacancy Finance Manager position


Key Functions

  • Prepare and submit  to  Head Office  monthly  and quarterly  income statements  along with  relevant job wise break of trading account.
  • Prepare  and  submit   to   Head  Office  monthly   and  quarterly   income  statement   reconciliation   with management accounts and local accounts.
  • Prepare  and  submit  annual  reconciliation  of  the  branch  local  financial  accounts  with   management accounts and submission of the same to head office by the 28th  February of following  year.
  • Preparation and submission of Monthly Branch Reports to Head office by 5th  of each subsequent month
  • Prepare daily cash closing / reconciliation and submission of the weekly as well as monthly Cash Closing Form (CCF) and  bank statement  to  the  head office  by end of  week  and the  last day  of the  month respectively. Weekend CCF must be accompanied by Weekly Cash Transaction  (WCT) report  signed by GM and BFM.
  • Ensure all accounting  activities  of the branch and recording thereof  in Company's Accounting  Software and its proper maintenance.
  • Provision  of  monthly  stock  report  and  reconciliation  with  physical  balance  in  warehouse .
  • Monthly account wise reconciliation of advances, liabilities, accrued salaries and other accounts.
  • To make sure salary disbursements are in line with approved sums by Head office.
  • Verification of Fixed Assets and reconciliation with book balances every  month.
  • Preparation of various reports and responding to queries of head office as and when required.
  • Checking and ensuring  real time entry of all Job Expenses in the form of Job Completion Reports .
  • Support Branch Manager and Accounts Receivable Manager in HO in recoveries of outstanding  invoices.
  • Managing / controlling  cash in hand and bank and distribution  of salaries.
  • Ensuring proper approval and authorizations of all financial transactions .
  • Preparation of monthly inter-branch  / company reconciliations by 5th  of the following  month.
  • Co-ordination for external and internal audits.
  • Preparation of Branch's annual budgets and control and coordination  of branch funds sought by monthly
  • Ensuring compliance with  Finance SOPs and policies of the company in the branch.
  • Vendor registration  with Credit Controller at HO and payments to be made only to approved vendors.
  • Prepare inventory reconciliation  reports
  • Physical count reconciliation for stock
  • Physical count reconciliation for FA
  • Annual calculation and booking of depreciation for FA
  • Monitoring   of  advance  accounts,   cooperation   with   HO  in  terms   of   reconciliation,   preparation   of reconciliation reports
  • Monitoring  of  accrued  salary accounts,  cooperation  with  HO in terms  of  reconciliation,  preparation  of reconciliation reports
  • Any other financial report required by the Head office from time to time.


Reports to be Submitted   to Head office  Finance  Department:


  • Monthly and quarterly  income statements along with relevant Job wise break of trading account - by 5thn  of following  month.
  • Monthly and quarterly  income statement  reconciliation with  management  accounts and local accounts - by 5th of following  month.
  • Annual financial statements of the branch -
  • Annual  reconciliation  of the  branch  local financial  accounts  with  management  accounts  -
  • Monthly  Branch Reports – By 5th of each subseguent month  (only  in case of  BFMs without  access to Sage).
  • Monthly stock report and reconciliation with physical balance in warehouse - by 5th of following  month.
  • Monthly  inter-branch  / company reconciliations - by 5th of the following  month.



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